Sarchy Search Engine

Sarchy is a search engine like Google and is a fork of YaCy.

Sarchy already has the following features

1) Easily pick webpages by language, year, domain etc. Click the link at Sarchy: Vikatan /language/tamil to view webpages written in Tamil Language.

2) Adaptive learning. You can search for a term and then search the same term a minute later to see better results.

3) Uses social media statistics and Page Rank Algorithm as a ranking parameter

4) Search engines balance relevance of the search term and popularity of webpages in their results. Sarchy will let the user choose if we want more relevant results or more popular results. This feature will probably be available before May, 2019. This will let the user balance between unbiased results and avoiding fake news

5) Google and DuckDuckGo search algorithms are not open source. “If it is not open source, it is not safe”- Richard Stallman. Sarchy is Free and Open Source.

6) Google has shifted back and forth between ranking reliable publishers high and ranking individual bloggers high. They have got into trouble either ways [1], [2]. Sarchy algorithm is fully customizable by the user.

7) Do you know that every time you click a webpage in Google search, you are first directed to a Google url and then to the intended webpage. This not only causes privacy issues but also slows down the loading of webpages.

8) Sarchy is based on Distributed P2P architecture like Torrents and FireChat. Yacy which is the parent of Sarchy works offline.

Try Sarchy at

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