The bad Google

Here is why Google is bad

  1. Google is like a drug dealer. They give everything for free today. Free search, free maps, free cloud storage. In the future, when Google will have killed the competitors, they can charge anything. ‘Superstar’ firms giving a lot for free, but will it continue, asks Raghuram Rajan – Times of India
  2. Google proudly says they invest in open source software. Have they open sourced any tiny part of Google search?
  3. The logic and algorithms used in Google search shape the world. In fact there is a good chance that the Google search algorithm is more powerful than the US president. Such a critical application is managed by few engineers at Google. No doubt they are super smart. But are they smarter than the rest of the world? If Google was open source, it would encourage true diversity in ideas.

I have many more to tell like “The filter bubble problem”,”Page Rank Shut Down”, but complaining is easy.

Initiatives like Common crawl and exist to encourage an open source Google but are yet to mature.

Hence we have launched Sarchy It is open source and customizable search engine. Very soon, we will be adding a lot of customization features. Like the user can choose if they want more relevant or more popular web pages and the user can choose how much influence social media signals can have on webpages etc

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