News Diet | Content analysis and SEO tool for marketers | How to Use it?

News Diet

The present world largely revolves around google and google revolves around Contents/Blogs. No matter how much you involve yourself in paid marketings and campaigns, there is always going to be someone with the right content analysis/research and insights who is going to be one step ahead of you without investing a single penny.

News Diet

How to become a smart content marketer?

1. Have extensive knowledge about recent trends

News Diet gives you the trending news topics around the world at that particular day which gives you an idea about the content that you should focus on.

2. Catch up on what people are sharing aggressively on social media

We provide you with the top shares of the day and also the deep insight about that content. Moreover, we fetch you the related topics and articles that were trending in the near and far past. (News Diet)

3. Evaluate your current topic

You can use our pre-analysed data for your related topics and articles.

How can you analyze? Click Here

4. Find the right influencer for your topic

We know that your time is precious so our News Diet algorithm keeps track of the topics and the right influencers for that topic. By identifying the right influencer, you can reach out to them to influence your content or campaign to the right audience.

5. Create high performing content

News Diet algorithm analyses each and every article to determine the reason behind its success such as word count, advisable topic length and competitors website analysis, etc.

So News Diet makes sure you’re always one step closer to generating more leads.

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